Expand Your Real Estate Business with Local Expert Agent Referrals

If you’re a Local Expert Agent in your area, we’d love to work with you!

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Local Expert Agent connects home buyers and sellers with top real estate agents. If you’re one of the best-performing agents in your area, you’ll love working with Local Expert Agent because we provide high-quality referrals at no upfront cost. You pay Local Expert Agent a referral commission if, and only if, you successfully help the referral buy or sell a property.

How Local Expert Agent Differs From Other Referral Services

  • No upfront costs or monthly fees.
  • You won’t need to spend time working through low-quality leads to find the rare legitimate buyer or seller.
  • You will only receive referrals who want to be matched with an agent.
  • We pride ourselves on being a great matchmaker and work hard to find real estate agents who are the best fit for our home buyers and sellers.

How Local Expert Agent Works

Home buyers and sellers sign up for our service so they can be matched with the perfect agent for them. Immediately after signing up, we get in touch to answer any questions they have and verify as much of their information as possible.

We then match each referral with an agent who we believe is the best fit to help them out. We select agents based on their Local Expert Agent profile, production levels, service areas, client preferences, specialties, communication, customer ratings, and other criteria.

Here’s Where You Come In

We’ll notify you via text message and email when we have a new referral for you. The message will include the referral’s first name, city, estimated sale price or budget, and a link to a page where you can accept or skip the referral. The page will also show you the referral fee you agree to pay when you successfully close on a property (typically 25-35% of the gross referred-side commission). We require that you quickly accept or skip so the referral isn’t kept waiting.

If you accept the referral, we’ll immediately connect you with them via email and provide you with their full name, contact information, and any additional details from our communication with them.

Next Steps

Once you’ve accepted a referral, you’ll be required to periodically provide updates on your progress. Let us know when you’ve spoken to the referral, met in person, listed their home or started going on home showings, and of course—when you have a deal pending and closed. This keeps us informed and helps us make sure our referral is completely satisfied.

Ready to Join Local Expert Agent?

We take matching referrals with the best agents very seriously, and as a result, most agents who join our service will not receive a referral. That being said, if you’re a top agent and think you’d be a good fit, click the button below.